Investment & Project

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Facilitating and Maximizing Cross-Border Investment and Financing:

the IFC•IIC Federation endeavors to connect multilateral investment and financing, conduct global and regional investment roadshows, organize quarterly investment delegations among the IFCs and IICs for emerging markets, and manage major projects, among other efforts.

– Connect multilateral investment & financing 

– Global & regional investment roadshows 

– Quarterly investment delegations

– Project management

Providing professional services in multiple areas: 

the IFC•IIC Federation provides its stakeholders and partners with multiple services, including but not limited to roadshows and events, investment and financing services, innovation services, international arbitration, intellectual property services and the provision of global talent.

– Roadshows & Events 

– Services in investment & financing 

– Innovation services

– International arbitration

– Intellectual property

– Global talent

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Research & Initiative

Formulating and Promoting Global Strategies and Initiatives: The IFC•IIC Federation focuses on a wide range of strategies and initiatives in investment and financing, included but