What We Offer

Due Diligence

IFC•IIC Federation helps “going global” companies to conduct due diligence on the host countries of investment projects, on macroeconomy, regulatory environment, industrial policy, industry development, competition analysis, institutional partnership network, etc.

Investment Support

IFC•IIC Federation offers systemic analysis on invested industries and markets with business intelligence, and provides governments and companies with decision-making support through research and consulting, field study and data analysis. IFC•IIC Federation also designs and implements the tailor-made investment solutions, pushing forward major projects.

Financing services

Centered on cross-border financing currencies, channels, and modes, IFC•IIC Federation provides financing entities with investment and financing designs and services, including but not limited to IPO, equity and bond investment.

Business Development

Based on different national and market conditions, IFC•IIC Federation customizes business development strategies for investors and helps them to connect with business partners to efficiently explore the national and regional business ecosystem.

License and Operation

Helping to adapt to diversified requirements of different regulatory jurisdiction and better support the entrance and compliance maintenance, IFC•IIC Federation customizes service solution on license application and maintenance, including both financial and non-financial license.

Regulatory Compliance

IFC•IIC Federation helps investment and financing entities to master the laws and regulatory policies of the host countries and avoid regulatory and policy risks.

Government Relations

IFC•IIC Federation facilitates investment and financing work in developing and maintaining relationships with governments and regulators in host countries. Around major projects in particular, customized solutions are provided to manage government relation and compliance.

Taxation Compliance

IFC•IIC Federation helps to understand the taxation system of host countries around investment and financing, identifies suitable service suppliers, and offers advisory services of local tax planning and compliance to ensure that the projects meet the laws and regulations of finance and taxes in host countries.

Marketing and Communications

With practices of different countries, regions and markets, IFC•IIC Federation provides tailor-made solutions to brand awareness enhancement, media management, event planning and road shows toward efficient delivery.

Global Corporate Services

With global network and teams, IFC•IIC Federation offers global corporate services, including registration, license, compliance, tax, office lease and purchase, Intellectual Property, recruitment and hiring, working permit and visas, etc.