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The IFCIIC Federation is going to facilitate governments and enterprises of emerging economies to achieve quality solutions — from leading IFCs and IICs to finance their innovation investment and economic growth to improving efficiency and reducing costs toward sustainable development.

Federation of International Financial Centres and Internatioanal Innovation Centres  (IFC•IIC Federation) is a new international organization initiated by leading international financial centres in Asia, the Middle East and Europe, and it operates around the globe.

The IFC•IIC Federation aims to capitalize on the capacity and resources of major IFCs, promote multilateral investment and financing cooperation, and build a global ecosystem as well as the platform infrastructure to facilitate innovation investment and financial services between advanced and emerging markets.

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“Empower Innovation Finance,
Advance Inculsive Sustainability”


The IFC•IIC Federation operates multiple country offices in international financial centres such as London, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Beijing, working under the guidance of the secretariat and managing relevant investment and advisory platforms.


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