Research & Initiative


Formulating and Promoting Global Strategies and Initiatives:

The IFC•IIC Federation focuses on a wide range of strategies and initiatives in investment and financing, included but not limited to innovation investment, industrial finance, trading finance, financial infrastructure, innovation infrastructure, sustainable finance, development finance and inclusive finance, the digital economy, FinTech and RegTech, women in finance and innovation.

– Innovation Investment

– Industrial finance

– Trading finance

– Financial Infrastructure

– Innovation Infrastructure

– Sustainable finance

– Development  inclusive finance

– Digital economy

– FinTech  RegTech

– Women in finance  innovation

Enhancing global knowledge production and sharing:

To support its mission and vision as well as to provide intellectual public goods to the community, the IFC•IIC Federation has a global team operating its global social media, book series and e-journal series, among other services.

– Global social media

– Book series

– E-journal series

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Investment & Project

Facilitating and Maximizing Cross-Border Investment and Financing: the IFC•IIC Federation endeavors to connect multilateral investment and financing, conduct global and regional investment roadshows, organize quarterly