Keynote Speech for 2020 China-UAE Innovation Investment Conference by H.E. Dr. Tariq Bin Hendi

塔里克 本 亨迪 阿布扎比投资办公室主任

Welcome, everyone, to the China UAE innovation investment conference.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to this event that has been hosted by ADGM, the Abu Dhabi Global Market, as well as by the central bank. I think this is an important forum for us to be able to connect, to discuss the important things that tie both of our countries together, particularly as we approach 40 years of formal diplomatic relationship between China and the UAE. It’s an important point that we are discussing today around investments and around technology, but more importantly around collaboration.

There is an old Chinese proverb that goes 人心齐 泰山移. Basically what that means is that when we work together, we are able to move mountains. That’s very important for the type of relationship that we have established between the UAE and China for the way that it is we are collaborating from some of our largest enterprises in both countries working with each other in the oil and gas field to how it is that we’re partnering with our Chinese counterparts to be able to look for a vaccine for COVID with Sino pharmer.

I think this forum is an incredible opportunity for us to come together to discuss the areas of collaboration and cooperation that impact both countries, but also where it is that collaboration can then lead to solutions for the rest of the world.

Technology is going to drive the way it is that we operate, the way it is that we communicate both at a corporate level, but then also the human level. Both of our countries understand this, we understand the need to continuously drive innovation, R&D, knowledge transfer.

And again, more importantly, that collaborative, long term relationship building exercise. Forums such as this allow us to discuss key areas of cooperation, areas of collaboration, and really areas that are going to impact humanity at a global level. One thing I would like to highlight is that we welcome every Chinese company to the UAE. We want to work with our partners. We want to make sure that we are creating new relationships, we’re also building on the relationship that already exist across the Abu Dhabi ecosystem. From some of our sovereign wealth funds to the private sector and the platforms that exist here, we want to make sure that we continue to drive that relationship, that we continue to drive this collaborative effort, and that we really make this relationship as strong and as resilient as possible.

Our aim as the Abu Dhabi investment office is to make sure that we act as that funnel for any interest it wants to come into Abu Dhabi. We work very closely with our partners, including the Abu Dhabi Global Markets, which have done an incredible job of highlighting the need for more cooperation and for bringing technology companies to help drive the ambitions and aspirations of our leadership. That being said, I want to welcome everyone to take the chance to come and look at what it is Abu Dhabi has to offer.

Let us take you around Abu Dhabi. Let us show you Abu Dhabi virtually. And hopefully soon in the future in person, let us identify areas of collaboration that we can work on together. But let’s not forget that ultimately what we are trying to do is that we are both trying to embrace technology, we’re trying to use that technology to help change existing infrastructure, as well as create new platforms and new businesses and new ideas, and ultimately drive this towards success for both of our countries and for the private sector that exists in both of those countries.

Again, thank you for allowing me to speak to all of you. It’s my pleasure. It’s a privilege to participate with you in this event. I really look forward to engaging with each and every one of you over the course of this event, and hopefully into the future to make sure that we drive your ambition here in Abu Dhabi and that you work with us to make sure that we’re delivering on our mutual aspirations.

Thank you very much and enjoy the event.

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